Technology over the years has been responsible for the improvement of various sectors in the society. Education can be said to be one of the sectors that have seen great improvements in the society. Teaching is becoming more interactive as compared to the years prior. The society has transformed the way we live because most of the activities in the society require us to be tech literate. The need for technology literacy has made most institutions incorporate technology in their day to day curriculum so as to have the competitive edge. Below are five ways that technology is revolutionizing education in a teachers college.


In the teachers’ college, some of the concepts are taught better using an illustration rather than in theory. Teaching, in theory, may be good in some aspects but when it comes to concepts that require illustration, technology takes it to another level. For example, when trying to explain the way that molecules interact when exposed to high temperatures, the theory may be a bit hard to understand. But when we look at digital simulators, most of these concepts are easier to understand because they create a picture in the mind of the student.


Education is based on the concept of communication. Learning is when a student fully understands what is being communicated by the teacher. Good learning incorporates an effective means of communication between the teacher and the students. Using technology has significantly enhanced communication has been in the teachers’ college because the classroom can now be viewed as a community. The teacher is able to post assignments effectively, and the students can view them immediately. If the student has any question that they need to be clarified, then they can ask the lecturer promptly. The students can also effectively communicate with each other on relevant matters.


In the past, students only knew the textbook as a physical book with writings on it that they could refer to research on their work. Modern technology has introduced the concept of digital and interactive books. These books have audio as well as video capabilities that are tailored to ensure that the student understands the concepts better. The use of videos for learning is an effective way of grasping new information. The books can also be designed in a way that the students can set reminders.


In the modern society, information is usually stored in the cloud. The web is now used to access the cloud and retrieve information. Using the click of a button, a student can now visit the internet and search using various tools and find the information that they need them to use in a given course.


Different students have different abilities to grasp concepts in a teachers college. The introduction of technology has ensured that students can revisit concepts that they did not understand when in class or even reach out to the lecturer for clarification.

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